• tattoo sunandmoontattoo 0

    of course this is different than judging a man because of the color of his skin. no one chooses the color of their skin. this guy chooses scary tattoos because he wants to portray himself as a monster and scare people. as rorschach said, "people get rehabilitation, dogs get put down."?
  • tattoo stomachtat62

    Ill be getting towards but I couldnt touch my face, neck, chest or legs with a tattoo for some reason lol I myself believe in beautiful works of art but damn!! But it is her body and she made a conscious decision to ink her face with love and my or anyone elses view shouldnt matter?
  • tattoo startshiptattoo

    Kat Von D is notorious for getting tats of friends, boyfriends, etc. or tats relating to a relationship somehow, then dumping the person. Case in point: that butt-ugly Jesse James tat she got on her rib cage. Her entire body is a mural of her past relationship failures. What an idiot!?
  • tattoo swordtattoowithlatintext

    Oh it doesnt lol, thats why I said its still disgusting. Im just saying that the Bible doesnt say everyone should do that. Though, you could definitely make an argument for it if the town was made up entirely of non-believers. Im an atheist too btw, just want to make that clear.?
  • tattoo starshouldertattoo

    of course im not your friend. THATS MY POINT. do you get what i was trying to say now? you just proved youre retarded.. "straight As", ugly bitch please. dont preach to me, you ugly, stinky, stupid cunt. you started shit with me, remember? go sleep with your shirtless cousin, freak.?
  • tattoo starstattooonribs

    You need to be in the hospital with IV anibiotics I think, it looks bad! Im so sorry, I would be scared too, plus, are you dieting, or naturally thin? That damned tattoo artist used dirty needles on you or didnt clean the area, or youre allergic to the dye? Good luck,and take care!?
  • tattoo snakestartattoo

    The SoT is dated at far after Jesuss supposed death. But lets suppose thats not the case. How would a shroud be evidence that a person is the son of a supposed god, or that this supposed god is less of a myth than the thousands of other gods humans have devised throughout history??
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