• tattoo snakeandskulltattoo

    The Christians opposed to the tattoo thing are not necessarily afraid of change, or hateful towards the poor, they are just following the Old Testaments rules on not marking the body. So while they may respect the message, they disagree with the method as to them it seems unbiblical.
  • tattoo snake11

    Yeah, guys a fucking dipshit. I think the condition should always be like "you cant remove it because youre a fucking moron and its in the contract" They essentially paid 15k for nothing. I mean fuck it, lets go back to slavery times, I fucking bought a piece of your face, bitch.?
  • tattoo smalltoetattoos

    Yeah because romney would have really given a shit about people who are so broke they would tattoo logos on their faces for money. The stupid tattoos would have prevented him from getting a job and then he would have needed government handouts like the people he thought he was above.?
  • tattoo smalltattoo89

    I think there would still be the nerve endings of the stretched out skin but they grow very slowly or not at all after the baby is born depending on the body area. there would definitely be less of them so there would still be less sensitivity. Im completely against circumcision btw?
  • tattoo smalltattoo80

    and please start leaving these stories off of tyt, or are you transitioning to a tmz like format soon? and for fuck sake, who keeps pitching this shit to you guys to cover as "news"? i care as much for celebrities as i do for the tennant in apartment 204 in the building a block away.?
  • tattoo smalltattoo60

    I agree with you that having tattoos doesnt necessarily = being a criminal. Then again, if you ARE a criminal, having such distinct tattoos all over your face and head is a pretty dumb thing to do. You might as well just carry a sign which reads "Im a criminal" if youre THAT dumb.?
  • tattoo smalltattoo104

    I actually really like it. I mean I know itll fuck her up in the future and everything- but I really think its gorgeous and adds to her appearance, she was beautiful before and shes beautiful now. Itll totally suck when they break up and everything, but it just looks really cool.?
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