• tattoo startattooonfoot

    Ive got 3 tattoos. I love them I think tattoos are wonderful but this is ridiculous and horrifying. Mine are on my thigh rs and back as in nothing to cover the natural beauty. Im 18 and have been dating my boyfriend for 3 consecutive years and this would still never cross my mind.?
  • tattoo tinybowtattoo

    Im not THAT crazy about tattoos, but the font is nice and it seems pretty well done! Yep it looks unusual and people are obviously going to notice it first when they look at her, but saying she "butchered her face" and that its "a travesty" is unnecessary and (in my opinion) not true.?
  • tattoo starshiptattoo

    lmao you just did the same thing you condemned me for. feed the troll much? btw i am at work right now, and i do have a dog. hes name is Lieutenant Dan, i rescued him from a shelter, and hes the sweetest do youd ever meet :) he tries to hump my neighbours dogs face all the time lol?
  • tattoo traditionalhearttattoo

    Dont get me wrong, I like tattoos, as long as people keep them classy, and creative and clever, I would love em, and get maybe 1 or 2. But this, is ridiculous.. But this is her life, so people need to fuck off. It makes me ticked when people do tattoos like this, and they are trashy...?
  • tattoo symbolscarification

    Well Im sorry you feel that way. But saying "I would doubt even concrete evidence that proved his existence." Just comes off as being stubborn, closed minded and ignorant, to even, what would be presented as evidence to you, so clearly theres no need in speaking about this anymore. ?
  • tattoo tigertattoo2

    I really dont care about tattoos and I know a with some neat tattoos like the Confederate flag on his back and the American Eagle on his arm (were from eastern Kentucky so yeah) but when your tattoos start making u look like u got a medical problem from a short distance then just stop?
  • tattoo tigertat89

    yall need to stop telling him what to do. he can get as many tattoos as he wants and they can be of whatever he wants. just because youre against it, doesnt mean you have the right to tell him what to do. this tattoo meant something to him, something very special, so quit complaining.?
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