• tattoo tigertat71

    I have youre right because we all get angery, but even still I do my best to stick up for others being bullied as hypocritical as it night sound... Call it making up for wrongs? Aha:P And Ive never called someone such vulger names as he did... Theres just no need or reason for that.?
  • tattoo tigerlilytattoo

    The only "Christians" offended by this type of add are the demonic hypocritical bigoted homophobic arrogant greedy irrational soulless zombie Rethuglican sheeple variety! Why because theyre not real Christians! They seek to deceive, they lead by fear and hate! Not love and compassion.?
  • tattoo threehorsestattoo

    First off, I think you are a troll. Nuclear fission/fusion prove that atoms are real. I dont know where you got the idea that people need to see to believe rather than testing. Tell me how does the SOT prove of Jesus existence, why cant it be another person, do you have DNA evidence??
  • tattoo teenagemutantninjaturtletattoo

    How am i playing the victim? I am stating how it is, minoritys always cry and get special treatment when it comes to racism its ok for a black guy to talk trash to a white guy or an atheist to talk trash to a Christan but as soon as the majority throws it back were raciest/prejudice.?
  • tattoo teddybeartattoopicture2

    I guess they are pandering to the Christians in the audience by doing the whole stupid "JESUS IS LOVE" thing, but honestly, a large part of TYTs audience consists of intellectuals who know a thing or two. Id dare say im one of them, and that kind of pandering insults my intelligence.
  • tattoo teddybeartattoo

    lol...all the evidence proves that most of WTCs turned to dust before they hit the evidence, seismic evidence, undamaged slurry wall evidence, over a dozen people surving 100 stories falling on them from inside the WTC...walked out without a scracth from the 3rd floor...
  • tattoo tattooofhummingbird

    How about she took the tatoos, knowing that afterwords she wouldnt get a job anymore, cause of her face.. now she is playing victim, so she has mental problems.. so people will say : hej in this mental condition you cant work, ! so here take some gouvernment money, and stay home.
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