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    There is no age where you instantly become mature, but 18 is an okay basis for maturity. Most people still need a few years after that, but adult responsibilities (Getting a job, apartment, car etc.) often stress a person enough to begin maturing and stop making very stupid decisions. ?
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    Oh and for those bitching about what Leviticus says about tattoos... Leviticus also raves against bowl haircuts, trimming your beard, pork, or even touching a pig (so no american football coz its pigskin), sperm-wasting by pulling out, and polyester ir any other mixed fabric. Barking.?
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    unf##ing believable .,i think about 5 or 6 days ago i send a message to HER on facebook witch waz i thought that he waz a she and a yummy one - but NOW that i watched this video and they say he .,and HIS voice ,.im LIKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa fuc@ what the HELL did i did ,. ?
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    You might as well tattoo "unemployable" on your forehead. How stupid can people be? What you have permanently marked on your skin, especially in places that will always be seen by others, (face, neck, head, hands, etc.) lets everybody know whats in your brain. These people are morons.?
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    I myself am a tattoo lover, however this was a vey big mistake, that girl should not have done that, in certain aspects face tattoos are ok, example: Kat Von D. But This (only 18 y/o) girl is crazy but I have to say its her body not ours so we dont have to live with it only she does.?
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    I dont see any ink on your "tattoo expert". You shouldve been swallowed. Shut the fuck up. I dont like her ink. But Im not talking shit about her in public. That was HER choice and none of your biz. Youre just an ugly fat fuck with no life. And before you call me a child.. Grow up.?
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    why are Americans so judgmental that this actually qualifies as news????? that was all a farce to make a guy with tattoos and some poor life choices seem like a monster. And seeing wot cops in the states get up to it wouldnt surprise me if they opened fire just at the sight of him....?
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