• tattoo traditionalrosetattoo

    I LOVE my tattoos. I think theyre all beautiful. But as much as tattoo acceptance has grown in the work place, you will NEVER get a job with a face tattoo THAT big. You could work in a tattoo shop, if the owner doesnt care. But damn. She made a mistake. I know its her body, but shit.?
  • tattoo spiderwebstattooedonface

    And to clear up the last comment. I understand now; you thought the word I typed "teck" that i had meant "tell", "to tell the Christians how they are acting" I am sorry for my mispelling. I mean to type "teach"; "teach the Christians how they are acting by leading by example" Ya dig??
  • tattoo suntattoo00016

    Truth be told, for whatever reason, when I clicked on the video, I at first thought it said, "Underage underwear" or some shit. I was like, "Oh, dear god... *facepalm*" Perhaps Im VERY mildly dyslexic, if thats even possible.. This sort of thing happens every now and then for me.?
  • tattoo sunmoontat042

    If you wanna "train" people, make a class on having kids/raising a family required in every high school... Or a class on how to just plain be an adult. Teaching kids about the average cost of living, how to pay taxes, how the job market works. I think this could work out splendidly.?
  • tattoo sunmoontat009

    If I had to judge this man for tattooing his daughter, Id have to also judge my mom for having my ears pierced when I was just one month old. Piercing a childs ears during infancy is quite common in my culture, but my mom didnt get arrested for child endangerment or child abuse. ?
  • tattoo sunmoon83

    a 500 character limit in a youtube comment. and having conversations with multiple different people are completely different venues .i have been working on this book. it wont be ready for at least 2 more years. you might not want to read the book thats fine but i will keep writing it?
  • tattoo sunandwavestattoo

    lol yea I have 4 tats none of them have words on them. A picture is worth a thousand words so why not use that and be more meaningful? One I have my moms and my birthday flowers on me because I love my mom. ^__^ Which looks way better then having her name tattooed across my ass. >.> ?
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